About Us...

We are a diverse team of people with a passion and drive for helping others achieve financial freedom. We strive to educate our members and to enable them to understand the nature of the financial industries. Where possible, we encourage and support people in challenging unlawful debt and reclaiming unjust charges.

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We provide alternative debt resolution, and are able to help members reclaim bank charges and PPI, deal with bailiffs, remove collection fee’s and set up affordable payment plans, as well as providing help through online forums and giving frontline eviction response.

A word from our founder...


The advantages of choosing Beat the Bailiffs and the Banks above all others are that help and advice will always be free. We are completely independent and have no affiliations with any organisation or political party.

New ideas and material are frequently being released, and the current material is under constant review. We have the biggest web presence with over half a million unique visitors, as well a community of over 75,000. There is also a team of around 40 administrators, moderators and independent witnesses, allowing for complete transparency.

We are not for profit, and currently have no official funding streams in place, with everything being done through goodwill. However, as we grow our aim is to drastically expand our activities. We have begun a small line of branded merchandise and are looking into sponsorship and advertising deals, funding bids, and chargeable events such as workshops. The team behind the group have a wide range of skills, to find out more about the team, click the link below.

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