Vulnerable Debtors

If you receive a Notice of Enforcement or other letter from an Enforcement Agency and you believe you are vulnerable, your first step is to download and complete the relevant letter from the selection below.

Do not try phoning the Enforcement Company. They will not listen.

Who is classed as vulnerable?

A vulnerable debtor is not specifically defined.  Guidance indicates that the following classes may be considered:-

- The elderly

- People with a disability

- The seriously ill

- The recently bereaved

- Single parent families

- Pregnant women

- The Unemployed

- Those who have obvious difficulty in understanding, speaking or reading English.

What to do if you are vulnerable

There is no guarantee that either a Creditor or an Enforcement Agency will accept that you are vulnerable but the more information given to them the more realistic the prospect of it being accepted.

You should adapt the letters here to suit your own circumstances and don’t forget to put as much information in as possible. Also, Do not forget to change the name of the document to suit your needs. You need to send a letter to both the Enforcement Agency and the Creditor giving a full explanation and providing documentary proof where possible. This letter should be posted, although you can email it as long as you also send a copy in the post with evidence of your vulnerability.

Use this letter to send to Civil companies

Use this letter to send to councils

Use this letter for Debt collection agencies and Bailiffs