Reclaiming unfair bank charges couldn't be simpler...

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Reclaiming unfair charges

Banks usually charge customers for exceeding their overdraft or when a payment has to be returned to the creditor because you don't have the available funds.

However, banks may also chage you interest on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and this can further the burden of debt.

In some cases, customers are able to recover some or all of the charges and interest applied by their banks.

Each case is individual and it is up to you to construct the best argument that you can for recovering these charges.

Before you complain...

Before you write a complaint regarding unfair bank charges, collect all your bank statements together and do some proper research. Note down the dates of all the charges and the reasons for them. Come up with a total figure for what you have paid over the years. Some people have succesfully reclaimed thousands in charges by constructing a sound case when complaining and asking for a refund so the time and effort is worth it.

Consider your complaint...

Why are you complaining to your bank about the charges? What is unfair about them? Are they regular? Should the bank have identified you were in hardship and offered assistance? Are the charges excessive? Perhaps you have been charged interest or a daily fee for an unplanned overdraft that was caused by bank charges?

Whatever your reason for wanting to complain to your bank, it is you that has to decide why you are complaining and what you feel you want back.

It may be a refund of the charges, it may be compensation, perhaps even both. it's your choice.

You may find you have paid hundreds or even thousands in charges for no good reason. If that's the case for you, follow the link below to download our template to help you get started with reclaiming your bank charges.

Reclaim Bank Charges

Reclaiming Package Account Fees

Banks are all businesses and are running for profit - the same as any other business.

Because of that, thay always want to sell you something... A bank account, A credit card, Insurance, A Mortgage... all products that you "BUY" from the bank.

So, sometimes, the case may ocurr wher a product is mis-sold. This rarely happens with mortgages or large loans. But does occasionally happen with products of a lesser value like credit cards or current accounts with benefits.

If you feel you have been mis-sold a package account or that the fees are in some way unfair. Use the link below to learn more about reclaiming your package account fees...

Reclaim Package Account Fees