WakeFest Update

By unknown, Jul 14 2016 03:19PM

Well, after a minor setback, we've now confirmed a new venue! However, to avoid the same thing happening again, we won't be releasing specific venue details till the day before. Think Secret Cinema

We know people will need to make plans etc, so all we'll say for now is - North West

We'll give a bit more away in a few weeks to allow people to book B&B's as needed, with the full address being provided at 9am on Friday 26th August.

Ticket Application is now open! Due to venue limitations not all ticket applications will be successful, so get yours while you can!

We're also looking for volunteers to help run the event, so we've set up an application form for that too.

All of this can be found on the new look WakeFest page here

Please note that in order to fill out the forms you will need to sign into a Google account. This is for security purposes and helps to prevent spam

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