By Chris Jones, Jul 8 2016 01:00PM

Q: There are posts saying Wakefest is cancelled, why is that?

A: Wakefest is not Cancelled. When we announced Wakefest, we saw it as an opportunity to unite our community. As you can imagine, over the 3 years BTBATB has existed, it has attracted its fair share of haters. If you owned a debt company that had lost millions to the 3 letter process.... You'd do what you could to disrupt the groups activities wouldn't you...? We are not pointing the finger at any organisation, but attempts have been made to sabotage our plans. These have failed. However, our confirmed venue did cancel our booking forcing us to use a backup venue. This was simply due to the unimaginable level of trolling they received.

Q: Did we at beat the bailiffs and the banks ever really book a field?

A: Yes. We negotiated for a number of weeks with different venues and settled on Stanhope Showfield

Q: People say they contacted Stanhope and that the event was never booked can you respond?

A: There are a few people who don't want us to succeed, and they like to spread misinformation. A facebook post is not proof of claim.

Q: So where is the proof you booked the field at Stanope?

A: This is a copy of the email following our decision to move forward with the booking.

Q: Thats just 1 email. You have claimed you visited and paid a deposit. Where is that proof?

A: As you can see from the wakefest event page, we visited the site and carried out an inspection of the facilities, bar and power supply. On the Monday after our visit we requested an invoice and promptly paid the balance requested.

...And of course, proof it was paid...

Q: You have sold stickers and T-Shirts to fund this event. Where does the money go?

A; BTBATB has a team of over 40 people working in different positions to make the group function. When the website was re-launched in October 2015, a dedicated paypal account was established to hold all funds paid through the website. No 1 person has access to that account.

Q: If the event doesn't go ahead, what happens to the money?

A; We have a number of options. The first would be to hold an alternate event. The second option would be to ask people to return their items to receive a refund. The third option would be to refund all the purchesses of Wakefest merchandise and suffer the financial loss as a group of individuals. And another option could be to hold a poll in our community and make a donation to charity. We could also ask the community what they would like to do with the money raised. However, this is simply speculation. The fact is that Wakefest IS happening.

Q: Some people have said the event is Illegal. Is this true?

A: No, this is not true. As you know, at BTBATB, we spend a lot of time looking into laws, finding loopholes or looking for ways the law can work in our favour (just for a change!) We would like to reassure our members that any event that we hold will meet all the necessary requirements.