Cease and Desist

Find out what a cease and desist notice is here and how you can use it to protect yourself from debt collection agencies.

What is a Cease and desist notice?

A Cease and Desist notice is a legal way of asking someone to stop doing something. It is a request to stop doing something (Cease) and to refrain from doing it again. (Desist). They come in all shapes and sizes, from a Notice to Cease and Desist playing loud music to a Notice to Cease and Desist any and all communication. There has to be some legal basis to the request; you can't just ask them to stop because you want them to. It has to be because what they are doing is, in some way, unlawful or illegal. They often form the first step of a civil court case, and are effectively warning that if they carry on doing whatever it is you're asking them not to do, you will take them to court and make them stop.

The most common application of a Cease and Desist letter within our community is to request that a company only deals with you in writing, or that they stop contacting you altogether. They are very handing for stopping phone calls and ensuring that any issues be dealt with in a way that leaves a permanent record.

The Cease and Desist templates found here have their basis in the Protection From Harassment Act 1997, which states it is an offence to do something which harasses someone else. They also reference The Communications Act 2003 s. 127, which states that it is a criminal offence to continue to call someone after they have asked you not to. They are useful in any instance in which you wish to request that a company only sends you letters, or stops contacting you altogether.

Cease and desist all communication

If you believe you have cause to ask a company to stop ALL communication with you, including writing, email, phonecalls or text messages, download this template

Writing only

If you would prefer it that a company only wrote to you in the future and stopped calling, texting or emailing you - use the download below.

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