Challenge Debt Collection Agencies

Using this guide, you can challenge a debt that has been passed to another company for collection or bought by another company for collection.

This is called "Conditional Acceptance" also now commonly known as "The 3 Letter Process"

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How does the Process work?

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the process of conditional acceptance.

This system of challenging debt has been used for many years with great success rates. It works only on debts that have either been bought by a debt collection agency, or passed to a collection agency.

When a debt is passed on or sold, there are certian things that a company must do to legally move your account from one place to another. However, as we have found, this usually doesn't happen and debts can easily be written off because the companies that buy and sell debt rarely follow the rules correctly.

By Following our guide and asking for certain information, you may find yourself in a position to write off your third party debt completely.

If the debt collection agancy cannot provide what you have requested, they can only respond in a limited number of ways;

  • Replying to you with a new account balance of £0.00
  • Replying to you stating they don't accept your letters.
  • Informing you they are returning the account to the original owner.
  • Replying to you stating they will continue recovery action.

Who can you send these letters to?

You can use the 3 letter process on any debt that has been bought or sold. When a debt collection agency first makes contact with you, they will usually tell you if they have bought your debt or been assigned it.

Companies like Lowell, Fredricksons, 1st Credit and Opos are debt collection agencies and you can use these letters on almost all accounts with these companies.

When will this process not work?

These letters will not work on the DWP, HMRC, Court Fines (HMCTS) or Bailiffs. Nor will these letters work on any account that is still with the original creditor.

The three letter process does not work on all kinds of debt. In fact, in spite of their continued success, there are no guarantees that this process will work for you.

To be in with the best chances of success, follow all the instructions on this site and NEVER send the letters via email.

Previous success stories...

This is just a small selection of testimonials and images to give an example of the success you can have using the 3 letter process

Janette - I had a £1068 debt to Lowells from Talk Talk .... I was devastated as they were threatening court action... this group guided me step by step through the 3 letter process. .. and yesterday I got a letter back from Lowells ... saying I owe nothing and my debt had been wiped.... this group is amazing.
Amber - I lost the fear and followed up a blue claim form with my defense. The claimant dropped the claim a week before the hearing. This debt was for over £6000!! I have also 3 lettered my other debts as well as my husband's which total £4000. Without the advice and support from the very kind people of this group I wouldn't have had the courage to stand up against the debt collectors.

How to send the letters...

You should send the letters by 1st class Recorded Delivery and once delivered, you should print and keep the receipt that is sent to you confirming the delivery. All of these documents will form part of your defence if you ever get summoned to court.


Letter 1

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Click the link below to be taken to the download page for letter 1.

Please ensure you follow all the instructions when completing your letter to be in with the best chance of success.

Letter 1

Letter 2

If you haven't received a £0 balance after sending letter 1, or you've received any other response from the debt collection agency, download and send letter 2 from the link below.

Ensure you follow all instructions and double check your letter before sending it.

Letter 2

Letter 3

If after sending letters 1 and 2 you still haven't received a £0 balance or the documents you've asked for, you can download letter 3 from the link below.

Letter 3