How to beat a clamper

There are a number of ways to get a vehicle clamp removed legally. Grab yourself the items on our checklist and make sure you have a friend you can call if you need help.

Follow this guide to keep your car in your posession!

Things you'll need

  • The tools for removing a wheel
  • Car Jack
  • A large padlock
  • A strong chain

If you know a mechanic or have a friend who is a car enthusiast, now's the time to call on their help. Ask them to show you how to get your wheel off. Make sure you have your locking nut (or know where it is).

Make sure that the wrench you have is long enough to reach your wheel nuts if it was impeeded by a clamp.

Watch some youtube videos of people removing their wheels with clamps on to give you more of an idea.

Each car is slightly different, so it would be impossible to provide a step by step tutorial for each car. But generally speaking, If you can jack up your car and remove the wheel, the clamp should come off your vehicle.

You can then move the clamp, put your wheel back on and drive away.

If like the man in this youtube video, you find that the chain is attached to your car too, you can leave your car with the wheel removed on the jack. It is unlikely they will move your car as it will cause damage.

Once you have the clamp removed...

Pick it up, chain it to your gate, your fence or anything sturdy and inform the Bailiff that the release fee is ..... exactly the same amount he wants off you!

Legally, the bailiff cant cut YOUR chain off because you are both protected by the same law.

At this point you have a stand off between you and the bailiff company. You owe them and they owe you... This would be considered to be a civil matter and as such you would not face any criminal charges.