You don't always need a TV Licence...

Find out if you can avoid paying the TV Licence using our guides.

Not everyone needs a TV Licence. You are only required to have one if you receive and watch Live TV.

However, in this age of data and technology, more and more people are accessing media in different ways...

If you're one of those people who spend more time in front of their computer or console than in front of the TV, perhaps it's time you converted to being a licence free home and save yourself up to £145 per year!

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Do you need a TV Licence?

In the UK, if you watch any form of live TV, the house you live at is required to have a TV licence.

This includes streaming TV channels such as BBC1, ITV or DAVE to devices like a tablet or smartphone.

Your address is also required to have a licence if you subscribe to a Sky or Cable TV service.

If you want to join tens of thousands of other families and become a licence free household, simply follow our guide and settle down with one of our great alternatives to live TV.

Before you begin...

Before you start the process of becoming licence free, there are some important things you need to do. If you fail to do these things or you continue to watch TV without a valid licence, you may leave yourself open to being fined by a court.

Complete the 3 steps on our checklist before moving on to cancelling your licence.

Pre-cancellation checklist

1. Check your current licence status.

If you have a TV licence, cancelling it isn't usually a problem. However, if you've recently been fined by a court for watching TV without a licence, you'll have to pay your current fine and be licenced for 6 months before you can cancel your licence.

2. Cancel your current TV Package

If you currently subscribe to a sky or cable TV package that gives you access to live TV, you'll want to cancel that if you aren't under any contractual obligations.

The reason for doing this is quite simple - It has been known for both Sky and Cable TV suppliers to share the addresses of households receiving a TV service with other companies such as TV licencing.

Most TV programs are available for free on the internet to either stream or download so cancelling your TV service could save you up to £1400 per year!

3. Disconnect your set top box and aerial

It is a good idea to dsconnect your set top box, satellite dish or TV aerial. This will provide you with the peace of mind you need to know you are not breaking any laws.

Once your set top box is out of the way, you could consider replacing it with a small laptop or desktop PC which will become your new "entertainment centre".

How to cancel your TV Licence...

Once you have completed the checklist above there are 3 more things you need to do in order to successfully cancel your licence. The following section breaks down each one into easy to understand chunks. If you still have problems following this guide, make a post on our facebook group and one of our members will be able to help.


Download and send your written notice

As you are no doubt aware, the company responsible for collecting the TV licence fee visits thousands of houses every year.

100% of convictions and fines for watching television without a licence are a direct result of these doorstep visits.

The first thing you need to do when cancelling your licence is tell the TV Licencing people that you no longer require their services.

To do this, simply download the letter from the link below and insert your address and postcode.

You do NOT need to include your name, date of birth or any other information.

Once you have completed your letter, you should send it either by email or post to TV Licencing. You can find their contact details further down this page.



Cancel your payment plan

Once you've sent them the notice from step 1, if you pay for your TV licence by monthly installments you'll need to cancel you current payment plan.

To do this, all you need to do is contact you bank and ask them to cancel the direct debit or standing order to TV licencing.

Your bank will be happy to do this for you.

You may also be entitled to claw back some or all of your historic TV licence payments using the Direct Debit guarantee. You'll find more information about this further down the page.


Complete the form on the TV licence website

The final step in cancelling your TV licence is to visit their site to complete a short online form.

Use the link complete this process and become a licence free household.

When you visit the TV Licencing website, the only information you are obliged to give is your address.

When completing their form, it may help you to have the following information ready to enter;

NAME; Theo Ccuiper

PHONE NUMBER; 07444 444 444" or "(you city code) 444 4444"


DATE OF BIRTH; 01/01/01

The only correct information you must supply is YOUR ADDRESS.

How to contact TV licencing

You can contact TV Licencing by Phone, Web or by post.

We recommend using either their web service or First class mail for most situations.

To write to them, address your envelope to;

TV Licensing
DL98 1TL

To contact them via phone;

For Direct Debit customers, or if you pay all in one go.0300 790 0368*

For payment card customers (cash plan). 0300 555 0286*

Or to contact them online, click on the link below.

Click Here

The Alternatives

We've search the internet to find you the best alternatives to your outdated TV set. This is what we've found so far...

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If you've been paying for a TV Licence you didn't need you may be able to use the Direct Debit Guarantee to claw back your money. Click Below for more details...

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