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Welcome to the Beat the Bailiffs and the Banks Help Section.

From here, you can access our guides and templates to help you deal with your debt.

Please ensure you read all the guides carefully before sending any letters or emails.

Bank Charges

If you are struggling financially and your bank has charged you for unplanned overdrafts, returned Direct Debits, or for services you havent used, You may be entitled to reclaim some or all of your charges.

By reading this guide you will learn under what circumstances your bank my be willing to consider refunding your fees.

Use our templates as a guide to construct your own letter and send it to your bank.

Some people have received thousands in returned fees. Your bank will not charge you for making this enquiry.

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TV Licence

In the UK, you must have a TV licence if you watch live TV. This includes Sky and cable TV.

There are some circumstances where you may be exempt from paying the TV licence - Even if you still have a television in your house.

This section of our site will help you stay on the right side of the law and will help you prepare for when the TV Licencing officials come knocking.

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The 3 Letter Process

The 3 letter process is a way of challenging a debt because of the way it has been sold or passed on.

This process is not suitable for every type of debt. It works best when a debt has been sold by one company to another.

However, the process has also worked on debt that has only been assigned.

To this date, we have been unable to establish any kind of pattern in the way debts are written off using these letters. However, they have been successful tens of thousands of times and are responsible for writing off Millions in unlawful debt,

To see if you can use the 3 letter process follow this link...

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County Court Claims

If you have received a claim form from the county court or you already have a CCJ, find out how to respond or request that the judgement be set aside here.

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Court Fines

If you've been fined by a court, we always recommend making a payment plan and sticking to it. If however, you've been unable to pay your fine, or you've just been charged and want to know what happens next, our Court Fines area is for you.

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Council Parking Fines

Have you been issued a parking ticket or "PCN" by a local council? This section of our site explains how their process works and what you can expect. We constantly update and expand this area as new information comes to light so check back often for new developments in the council parking wars.

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If you have found your car has been immobilised by a bailiff, there may be steps you can take to free your car. Our clamping area is constantly being revised and expanded as we discover new information. This section of the site also includes a handy video all members who own a car should watch.

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Dealing with Bailiffs

If Bailiffs have made contact with you, have posted a letter through your door or have attended your property, there is no need to worry. The "Dealing With Bailiffs" section of our site explains what powers bailiffs have and how you should approach your dealings with them. Most importantly, do not engage with them. As long as they're locked out, they can't do a thing.

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Council Tax

None of us WANT to pay Council Tax, but by living in this "society" we don't get a choice. Our Council Tax area is the place to go if you're having trouble paying this "Priority Bill". In some circumstances, you may be able to arrange affordable payment plans with your council. It is also worth noting that there is no legal requirement for you to pay a Bailiffs Fees.

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Vulnerable Debtors

People who are classed as Vulnerable are entitled to special treatement. Bailiffs may not even be allowed to call at your property if you fall into this category so it is always worth exploring. Our Vulnerable area provides information and templates for you to expand with your own experiences to argue your case to Bailiffs and creditors.

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Implied Right of Access

Not suitable for every situation and will never stop a police constable, High Court Bailiff or the Postman, but is very useful when dealing with the likes of TV Licencing, Debt Collection Agencies and companies like BrightHouse who have started recovery action and are making visits outside of your arranged payment plan.

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Direct Debit Clawbacks

Sometimes, companies take money when they shouldn't, or perhaps they take the wrong amount at the wrong time. If this is the case, you are entitled to an immediate refund under the Direct Debit Guarantee. Find out more here...

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Section 10 DPA

Find out how you can stop a company processing your personal data using section 10 of the Data protection act here.

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Cease and Desist

In this area of the site, you can find information about the use of Cease and Desist documents and how they can be helpful to you in the fight against unlawful debt collection. You can also find templates to help you get started using Cease and Desists for yourself.

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Appearing in court

If you have to appear in court, this section of our site provides helpful information if you plan to represent yourself. With sectons on how to dress and conduct yourself along with what you need to take with you and how you should address the judge, this section of our site is a must for all litigants in person.

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Private Parking Companies

Discover how you could challenge your private parking tickets with our information, guides and downloads.

If you require 1-2-1 help, feel free to post on our facebook group.

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