Removing the right of access to your home

Under common law, people have the right to knock on a locked door to get the attention of the people inside a building. However,this does not grant any further rights.

What does a ROIROA do?

Just because someone has knocked on your door, it doesn't give them the right to start walking through your garden, or to come and use your facilities. A person would have to ask "The Occupier" of the property for permission to do anything on the land before doing it.

If you were to require a certain person or company stopped visiting your property, you would have to find a legal or lawful way of preventing them from coming onto your land. In some cases, the way to do this is by using a "Notice of Removal Of Implied Right Of Access".

If you are being hounded by court bailiffs, this will not help you. But if you are receiving constant calls and visits from companies like TVLicencing or being bothered by collection agents, a ROIROA might be for you.

By sending these companies notice that you have removed their right to enter your land or knock on your door, you can effectively stop these companies ever making it to your front door.

Do ROIROA's really work?

We use ROIROA's as part of our "3 Steps to Free TV".

-Once you have told the company responsible for collecting the TV Licence that they no longer have the right to come to your address, they will write back confirming this and will not ask you to buy a licence again for a number of years.

Where can you use a ROIROA?

You can display a ROIROA at your property boundry, property threshold and you can also send ROIROA's via email and through the post. Below you will find 2 templates for you to alter. You should add your address along with the details of any company you specifically want to serve the notice on. One template is for display at the property, the other can be sent through the post or emailed.

ROIROA for Display

ROIROA for email and post