Community Standards

We believe in freedom of expression and try to allow everyone the opportunity to express their views.

However, to ensure a safe, friendly and helpful environment for everyone, we ask that users of our services follow these simple guidelines.


Don’t judge a book by its cover

This group was founded to help those in debt. It also aims to challenge the unethical and sometimes illegal ways debts are traded.

Beat the Bailiffs and the Banks is a very busy and dynamic group. We encourage self empowerment and personal responsibility. We believe in freedom of expression. However, we won’t tolerate people making obvious attempts to upset the balance of the group or its members.

People who display behaviour that falls below these standards may be removed without warning.

The information, articles and posts contained within this group go way beyond just finances. We welcome posts and debates on news and alternative media. We are also happy for members to post other issues they may need help with – such as employment or consumer problems.


Hate Speech and Cyber Bullying

ACISM, XENOPHOBIA, IMMIPHOBIA & HOMOPHOBIA – None of these shall be tolerated in any way. Cyberbullying is the use of cell phones, instant messaging, e-mail, chat rooms or social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to harass, threaten or intimidate someone


Don’t Spam Posts

THINK BEFORE YOU TYPE – Please use your discretion. People who are posting for help on our forums may be in a state of panic or have bailiffs at their door. Do not tie up help posts with useless comments. If what you comment is not relevant to the topic, you could face being removed without warning.


Do not Block Admin Members

Blocking an admin doesn’t stop them from seeing your posts or comments – in fact it draws attention to you. Any member found to be blocking admin, mods or TM’s will be removed from the group until they have unblocked our team member.


The decision of the admin team is final.

Do NOT inbox admin members if you get removed. You will not receive a response.


Giving advice

We do not recommend stepchange, CAB, Payplan, cap, IVA’s or DRO’s. We do not work in the governments favour. Wherever possible, we advise you DO NOT pay a bailiff and work to get your account returned to the original creditor.


No Inboxing or Private Messaging

We have had many occasions where members have lent money to strangers with a sob story. This almost always ends up with members loosing their cash forever. Do not inbox people for advice and Do NOT send advice via inbox. You will be permanently blocked without warning for breaking this rule.


No Copying posts to other groups

Please do not screenshot posts from here to other groups. Members found copying posts containing personal information will be removed from the group.


No asking for money

No Gofundme / crowdfunder etc. No borrowing or lending of money between members OR admin.