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Sending letter 3 of the 3 letter process...

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Do not carry out this process unless you have fully read and understood all of the instructions.

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Sending your final letter

Once you've received a response from the DCA, or the 14 days have passed, it's time to wrap everything up with the third letter. This one involves quite a lot of dates, so have the copies of your previous letters to hand before starting. Use this link to download letter 3.

Step 1

Enter your name and address information along with the date and the address of the company you are writing to. The 2 images below show you how your letter will look before and after you have added the correct information.

Step 2

Add your reference number along with the name of the person who wrote to you or the CEO's name. Then insert the date of their last letter to you as shown here.

Then add the dates you sent your previous letters along with the dates the debt collection agency received them.

The completed paragraph should look like this.

Step 3

Scroll to the bottom of the letter and leaving a gap for your signature, type your name.

Print off 2 copies and sign them both.

Then, using the links below, download a cease and desist notice along with a Section 10 DPA notice.

Follow the instructions to complete your notices before sending all 3 documents together via first class recorded delivery.

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